New York City Shopping

Saks Fifth Avenue's incredible journey began in 1924 as the largest retail store in the country; throughout the decades it has dedicated itself to providing fabulous designs by Dior, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang and many more top designers. Saks Fifth Avenue has been attracting people from around the world for an incredible shopping experience.

Bloomingdale's has come a long way since they first opened their doors in 1892; the one thing that hasn't changed in a hundred and twenty years is their dedication to bringing their customers the trendiest, most up to date fashions. Although Bloomindales is one of the oldest stores in New York City, it also one of the trendiest; stepping through the doors, you will revel in its splendor. Each floor has clothing, shoes, and merchandise from all the top designers.

FOA Swartz is the ultimate toy store; it is a hundred and fifty years old and is the favorite place for children both young and young at heart; walking through this spectacular store is like a dream come true for all. Whether your looking for a unique gift or something special, this is the place to be. FAO Swartz has been mesmerizing children for generations upon generations; the quality and innovation of their merchandise will guarantee they will be here in another hundred and fifty years.

Grand Central Station is a place where people from outside New York City would never think of shopping; however, the shops in Grand Central station have the best clothing, the best chocolate and some of the best entertainment in the city. The station is a landmark itself, restored to its splendor, each architectural detail can be seen everywhere you look.

Barneys New York has something for everyone; every year, millions of people from around the world walk through these doors; whether you are looking for a cool pair of jeans or a Prada suit, Barneys is the place to be. It is a true experience walking through these doors.

Bergdorf Goodman is an icon; this incredible building is as rich in history as it is for its top designer merchandise; it leaves you with an almost euphoric feeling when you walk through this magnificent building. After a long day of shopping, whether for clothes shoes or accessories on the many levels of Bergdorf Goodman, you may be a little fatigued; stop in at the day spa or beauty salon to rejuvenate yourself!